About Me

This page has been created
to inform you about me. Great idea!

Who might be?

I'm Alkin Kasap, an air traffic controller and junior-ish web developer from Turkey. Aviation and web has always been interesting for me. Since my very first website which was opened on 2001 i want to belive that i've improved myself. That was a 2 html file website and i loved the html tag- marquee! Honestly i would like to use marquee on my projects again and again, but it will not be welcoming at all. Remember websites in 2000? It is just retro and better to stay that way.

I've graduated from Kuleli Military High School - İstanbul than Air Traffic Control Departmant, Anadolu University - Eskişehir. Currently doing my masters degree on Eskişehir Technical University. No plans for PHD ever! When it comes to programming i like to use it on daily basis to ease my repeating stuff. I've also wrote a script for my final thesis on my department an planning to improve on that way to merge programming and air traffic management from an air traffic controllers perspetive.

I'm one of those cat guys you see around. Ok, i'm not in love with all of the cats whenever i see them but still, i find them amazing. Yuri (blonde) and Mia (brunette) came to me like 7 years ago. We have been living together since. They inspire me to be relaxed more, delay my tasks and enjoy simple life circle. I tend not to listen them that much. Besides that mutualist life with Yuri&Mia i'm a scuba diver and miss that amazing life under sea whenever i'm not there.

When it comes to development i'm somewhat familiar with Css, Php, Javascript and Python. Developed a couple of themes for Wordpress and Kirby and some other cms'es. Wrote many scripts for automating my daily life. And currently working hard to be better on those stuff.

Thank you for reading this far, and please, come back again.