air traffic control

You do your job, and it all got easier.

So i have started my duty as an air traffic controller at Turkish ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider) a couple of months ago. Moved to a very small town, changed that easy and lazy lifestyle and more. Anyway it made me incredibly happy since that was the moment i've been waiting for years. (Since my first year at university)

At my first month at job i had to complete my first part of thesis and pass two other lectures for my masters degree. Now that was challenging. In the end, i came out happy and proud. So, it's all going fine for me. Now comes hard part. Soon i'll have my rate for my atc unit which means responsibility. I'm now starting to prepare my program to analyse data i've gathered during my simulator runs. After that part is done i'll have to write my thesis. That will be hardest part of my masters journey. At least i belive so.