Hello World!

As a typical first post for every developer blog i say again,
“Hello world!”.

This, kasap.me is going to be my developer blog. I have been using alkinkasap.net for 6 years or so. Still i never focused on blogging and gave many major breaks to developing software. Here i give my thanks to my childhood  friend Serdar Ilarslan for inspiring me to start a more focusing blog.

Being a licensed air traffic controller and a masters degree student now i have much more spare time then i had in college. I want to put this spare time to a good use. Developing things and internet has always been interesting for me, so why not start again?

I have been working with PHP, CSS, Ruby on Rails, SEO, Kirby and WordPress Theme development and many other things. Good part is that i have a lot of experience and got the main idea behind all of them. Bad part is it is really hard to start-over. But that is why i set up this blog, to encourage myself. To share what i learned, to keep track of my own steps and knowing that i can succeed as long as i put a good use of my focus.

You and i will see many posts about my developing journey. In near future it is going to be more Python and less other stuff, still i can’t see what is going to happen beyond. I guess in a couple of years if i read this post again i’ll have a fair smile on my face and doing a much different stuff than i could foresaw today.

I thank you if you read that much, if i had some mistakes on writing there is nothing i can do for it now since i haven’t been writing neither in turkish nor english for a long time. I’ll get used to it. Wish you good time.