Run Python, Run!

Now learning desktop development with ease, thanks to PyQt!

In order to start a new language i have to watch tutorials a lot, like anybody else. After spending some months with python i finally started desktop application development with PyQt thanks to some very good video series. It's been amazing. I just couldn't belive how easy it is and after some weeks i finally get my application work!

Of course app doesn't look like this image but i needed to add an image to the post right?

Anyway, PyQt enables you to design your layout in Qt Designer than implement your code to it. Pretty straightforward for a web guy like me. PyCharm and some Anaconda libraries did almost everything for me except MySql stuff. I could've used PostgreSql as well but i'm trying to find out how am i going to prepare analysis program for my thesis.

My master's degree thesis will be based on an application i wrote to analyze simulation data. Pretty close to what i wanted. I even started gathering some data. MySql will help me run my program any device connected to the internet, rest will be a tiny program i created with python. Oh python, how might you are when it comes to data analysis. Yes, i could have gone with another programming language like javascript which i'm familiar with but my future goals are a bit python-friendly.

And i need to say it, python is very english-friendly. This makes me write and understand much.